You deserve to feel part of a sisterhood that will lift you up and support your health goals. We get why you choose gluten-free or are going for a walk in the rain. You don't need to feel alone in your health quest. 

The Wild Collective is a supportive community of like minded women, offering health education that will help ignite passion and purpose into your life.

Learning about the feminine power from a health perspective will increase awareness and allow you to tap into and be closely connected to your inner voice and intuition.

The Wild Collective is a 10-month women’s health curriculum with lectures, handouts, intentional goal setting and a supportive community of women who want you to succeed.

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4th Thursday of the month 6:30-8:30PM, STARTING September 28TH 2023

connections with like minded women

Feel empowered and self advocate with health professionals

Lifetime access to the information, & community of women.

Learn a foundational women’s health curriculum


As a clinician it is often hard to get women to face the obstacles that are getting in the way of thriving health. Negative self-talk, sadness or feeling their energy zapped at home or work was getting in the way of many of my patients really achieving health. It is my experience that sisterhood is the answer.

You deserve a curriculum that empowers you about health and your physiology. The reclamation of your wild is through health information that connects your physiology to your intuition. You deserve access to a deeper understanding of integrative medicine, what lab tests provide you clarity in your health, & evidence informed natural solutions that support total health.

Health care offered in a one on one fashion is essential for individualized care, however after 19 years of private practice I can tell you that true, lasting health transformation is achieved when we incorporate community. 

And it’s a lot more fun ;)

the program


Women’s sex hormones: learn how your hormones are your superpower.


Breakdown the physiology of your digestive system and the importance of trusting your gut. 


Learn the physiology and science behind detoxification.
What do you need to detox from your life?


The physiology & how to be tested properly.
Begin to speak your truth. 


Goals & planning.
 Gain clarity on your mission & purpose.


The physiology & how to be tested properly. Gain resiliency through challenges.


Physiology breakdown & how to be tested properly.
Connecting to your feminine power.


Physiology of the brain and how it affects our mood.
Master your mindset.


The physiology & how to be tested properly. How to elevate & feel energized everyday.  


Physiology + Intuition.
Affirm your knowledge of feminine power.

The Wild Collective is offered across Canada, USA, and New Zealand. We are growing every day and making stronger connections as we expand.  Be a part of something great, something that will change you for a life time and something you can share with others. Be a part of a world-wide powerful collective of women.

You crave more meaning; you know that there is something powerful waiting within you to be unlocked. You want to know yourself better, you want to understand, you want to feel deeply connected to yourself and serving your purpose.

– join the worldwide pack –

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The cart is open for less than 2 weeks and closes at midnight on Wednesday September 27.

If you want to get in on the magic, don’t delay. We are only accepting 6 women into the program.

We are here for you; join your health tribe now! What are you waiting for?


—start now to reclaim your wild—

Learn how everything you need to thrive has been within you all along.

We will help you understand how the divine feminine is the key to unlocking this power within.

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wild sister wisdom

"I’ve gained more health knowledge that I’ve applied to losing weight, feel more empowered to be courageous in my decisions moving forward in my life."

— Chandra, Wild Collective Niagara Member

"I learned that many women in my group had similar issues and barriers and it helped me to feel more okay with what I see as my own set backs."

—Wild Collective Niagara Member

"The unit on stress was extremely helpful to me at that time."

—Wild Collective Niagara Member

"I liked the slide shows and handouts to refer back to if needed."

—Wild Collective Niagara Member

"I feel like i have learned to pay attention more to what I need, to what is important to me and to trust the process of how life unfolds."

—Wild Collective Niagara Member

"I achieved a stronger sense of who I am, what I want and how to get what I want in life, or not get, gracefully."

—Wild Collective Niagara Member

"Each month when life got busy, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it to the group that night, I’d stop what I was doing and make sure I made the time, and I never regretted it!! It was worth it to go and sit and be with this group of women, to listen, speak and be vulnerable at times. All of it was a great learning experience"

Wild Collective Niagara Member

"It was a great place to be to support and be supported. To learn and to take time for myself. Elly was amazing and I would recommend this to anyone!"

—Wild Collective Niagara Member

"I think all women could benefit from this experience."

—Wild Collective Niagara Member

"It was a great way to practice self-love and explore strategies for enjoying life."

—Wild Collective Niagara Member


What if I have to 
miss a session? 

Sessions will be recorded for your group, for you to watch sessions you have to miss. All powerpoint presentations, session recordings and handouts will be uploaded into our Shared Google Docs for you to access for a lifetime.

Is this program for 
extroverts & introverts?

Great question! We have designed this program to meet the needs of all connection styles. We have moments that energize the extroverts and we have activities that support and nourish the needs of the introverts. Its win/win.  

What if I don’t 
want to share?

There is no pressure. We promise to foster a safe space, but you don't have to share at all! Get ready to fill your cup and feel energized by the Wild Collective connection experience.

Does this program mean I have a doctor and patient relationship? 

The Wild Collective (TWC), is a community education course for women. There are no specific treatment recommendations, no supplement prescriptions, no assessments included in the programming. We inform you on general health information so that you are able to have informed discussions with your clinician/ health care provider during a scheduled appointment. The Wild Collective clearly demonstrates being a general health information program and where to go if you are looking for individualized care. Please use this link to book an appointment with your practitioner.


Is this targeted to a specific age group or health condition for women?

Quick answer: No! Absolutely not.
We crave a diverse Collective of women, of different ages, backgrounds and life experiences - as we all have something to offer and we all can learn and benefit from the collective experience. We are in love with celebrating women at every age. Historically women hung out together in a Collective, we are just kicking it old school. Once you experience the magic, you’ll wonder why we ever stopped.

What is the flow 
of the sessions?

50% Sisterhood/ Connection

50% Women’s health curriculum

100% Wild reclamation 

join and awaken your wild!