The Wild Collective is a supportive community of like-minded women, offering health education that will help ignite passion and purpose into your life. 

Learning about the feminine power from a health perspective will increase awareness and allow you to tap into and be closely connected to your inner voice and 


You will learn how to discover, cultivate and become your power AND how everything you need to thrive has been within you all along. We will help you understand how the divine feminine is the key to unlocking this power within.

Are you in?

Some Topics We'll Cover Together:

  • My Hormones: Menstrual Cycles & Menopause
  • My Detoxification
  • ​My Digestion & Microbiome
  • My Thyroid & Metabolism
  • ​My Vision & Mindset
  • ​My Stress & Sleep
  • ​My Brain & Mood
  • ​My Blood Sugar Regulation
  • ​Our Devine Feminine
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